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Data often sits in disparate pots around the business

Clear interpretation and translation into  commercial  strategy.
Our highly skilled and  experience d Insight team can help to tease out from your data the vital findings, the actionable insights and the results that matter.
In this digital age, the volume of data is  increasing  exponentially (i.e.
a lot).
Which bits of it are the most important, and tell you the most about your  customers  or supporters, your prospects and your market, is something we excel at.

And whilst SCVs have entered common parlance

many organisations do not have one, often for very good reasons.
Data often sits in disparate pots around the business, .

And needs a lot of TLC to pull it all together

This is what we call data integration, .

And it sits behind everything we do in the Insight team
Data integration to pull it all together

then data engineering to get it into the right shape for analysis.
That’s when our fun really starts, and you can sit back and get on with  everything else  you have to do.
What you will get  back from  us is speedy, accurate and directive analysis.
Segmentation    Predictive Modelling    Profiling       Campaigns    Research    Excel Applications                                                                                                                          LegaSee is a really helpful tool, in forward planning for legacy income and investments, and allows calculations and projections to be made simply and with confidence         Ashley Rowthorn, MInstF (Dip), Senior Legacy  Development  Manager WRVS.
Let us help turn your data into insights and campaigns that you can use for strategic  advantage , and focus on the metrics that really matter.
We have heaps of passion, experience and  expertise  to help you tackle the data deluge, and create real value for your organisation.
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