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READ MORE Workforce Optimization

Smarter  Decisions .
Better Results.

WHAT WE DO         OUR SOLUTIONS      IBM PLATFORM        What We Do

We are a high-tech company that combines Optimization, Machine Learning and  Artificial Intelligence  to create innovative decision-support solutions that drive operational productivity and efficiency    Our Customers.

Global Partners Who Trust Our Solutions

Our global customer base is made of market leaders in  different  industry sectors.
We have a track record of successful deployments in several countries across the globe, with solutions  implement ed in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Colombia and more.
Our  Solutions .
Manufacturing, .

Production Planning and Scheduling

Our team has over 20+ years of  experience  in optimizing manufacturing processes across several industries on a global scale.
Our  solutions  can be adapted to the needs of several types of plants and lead to significant improvements across different dimensions (e.g.
throughput, changeover, lead times, labor costs, material  management , scrap reduction, warehouse capacity, and shipping costs).
READ MORE     Workforce  Optimization .
Productivity improvements in the order of 20%-30% through optimal workforce design,  machine learning  forecasting and real-time dispatching.
Our solutions allow to optimize along different planning horizons from operational scheduling and dispatching to strategic workforce design.

READ MORE     Container Terminal Logistics Operations

Our team has extensive experience in building advanced decision support solutions for the Container Terminal Industry.
We support market leaders in key areas of their operations including Berth Planning, Yard Planning, Stowage Planning, Vehicle Scheduling, .

Vehicle Dispatching and Manpower Planning

READ MORE     Sales Prediction.
We developed a platform that combines traditional forecasting techniques with the latest in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to predict different business variables.
We applied it to predict turnover for physical retail stores, e-commerce and distribution centers.
Our solution has the versatility to be deployed in small retail chains as well as large retailers and delivers tangible results within 6 to 8 weeks.

READ MORE          IBM Decision Optimization Center
Powered by     Enables Business Decision Makers

An optimization platform to create, deploy and maintain fully scalable decision support solutions.
Quickly, easily, efficiently.



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