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Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance

Systems Engineering and  Technical  Assistance.
Systems Engineering and  Technical  Assistance.
Systems  Requirement s Analysis.
Performance  Specification s.
Business Process Flows.

Functional Requirements Management

Security  Requirements .

Requirements Traceability Matrices

Systems Design.
Functional Baseline  Reviews .
Systems Design  Specifications .
Initial Capability  Documents .

Joint Application Development Sessions

Service-Oriented  Architecture .
Risk  Management .
Risk Assessments.
Risk Mitigation Plans.
Configuration Management.
Configuration Control.

Configuration Management Reports

Configuration Management Plans.
Testing & Evaluation.

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Test Plans, Procedures, and Scripts.
Software Beta Tests.
Test Reports.
Documentation Reviews.
System Deployment, Sustainment and Training.
Curriculum Development.
Quality Assurance.
Service Level Agreements.
Quality Planning.
Performance Metrics.


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