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About Business Hangouts

About  Business Hangouts .
Business Hangouts was created for users who wish to broadcast a live  presentation  to a large group of attendees.
Built on top of the Google Ecosystem,  Business Hangouts  can accommodate webinars big and small.  Business Hangouts is not part of Google – but an App on the Google Ecosystem.
Over 2 Million enterprise users and over 70,000 enterprises have installed  Business Hangouts  on their domains.
Business Hangouts is one of the fastest growing Webinar/Webcast companies in  the world  with operations in Lewis Center, Ohio and Paris France.
Business Hangouts  management  team has extensive experience in video conferencing technology, business collaboration platforms and secure messaging.
New monthly users.
Contact us.
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(800) 296-0276.
(415) 373-0846.
[email protected]
2206 Orangelake DrLewis Center, OH 43035   For  technical support , please click here.


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