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“It was a Godsend to have Caspar

Safe, Senior Living  Communities .

AI enables senior communities to provide safe

healthy, and engaged living experiences to their residents.
Our AI-enabled solution helps  operators  go from high-touch to low-touch caregiving in order to minimize the risks and costs.
Automated 24/7 check-in, incident detection, carecircle  notification s, visitor scheduling.
Automated alerts for incidents, tickets for  maintenance , common area management.
Wellness reports, automated home control and schedule common area  activities .
See  Case Study                                                                                                      Caspar AI detects incidents 24/7 such as resident inactivity, the stove left on or a fall.
It sends  automated  alerts to the carecircle.
AI adapts the home for safety, like turning  on the lights  when the resident goes to the kitchen to get water.
Inactivity and incident  detection  24/7.
Automated carecircle  notifications  to family.
Visitor scheduling and video clips.
As a senior housing operator, Caspar.

AI allows you to provide high-quality living experience

while going from high-touch caregiving to low-touch caregiving, thus minimizing risks and costs.
Automated 24/7 remote check-ins.
Caregiver safety with resident analytics.
Common area scheduling with social distancing.

AI motivates seniors to be more engaged

with more exercise, high-quality sleep, and understanding their daily activity level – without the need for a wearable device.
Wellness report about activity level and sleep quality.

AI modifies home environment (lighting

shades, climate) for motivation.
Common area management for social and active lifestyle.
Property Management.
Manage your building remotely & safely.
Our system notifies you of issues like water leaks, while enhancing resident experience and safety.
Operational efficiency & energy savings for vacant units and common areas.
Remote Auto-show.
Property management dashboard, visit analytics and clips, water leak alerts.
Product Options.
Core Retrofit.
Inexpensive 1-hour retrofit – safe senior living, low-touch caregiving.

AI that cares for you – safe and engaged living

Integrate with more devices like smart shades and wearables.
“It was a Godsend to have Caspar.
AI when I needed it most.
AI assisted me with managing the home while I was in bed with flu.”                     82-year-old resident in Nevada.
“I can finally sleep well knowing that my mother is safe and well cared for, especially during these times.”                     Daughter of a senior resident at Revel.
“In 2017, we partnered with Caspar.
AI to build automated buildings ensuring safety, comfort, and convenience for our senior residents.”                     Fritz Wolff, Executive Chairman of The Wolff Company.

AI-enabled Convenience for Elderly Adults

AI uses artificial intelligence to adjust curtains automatically to create the optimal environment and ambiance.

The AI-powered window coverings help save energy

enable privacy, and enhance convenience.
Learn more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 How a Smart Home Helped a Senior Citizen During Social Isolation.
During times of isolation, Caspar.
AI smart homes are acting as a personal assistant to motivate residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Learn more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 NewsWatch: Caspar.

AI Awareness – A Smart and Safe living for Seniors
Technology has allowed us to live smarter and safer.  This is especially true in Caspar

AI homes, where they have senior solutions for the most comfortable living environment.
Learn more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mansion Lab:  Caspar.
AI enhances independent living with smart-home technology for seniors.
We are pleased to announce we have been featured in a Japanese website about innovations that enhance apartment living.
Featuring how our technology enhances senior living – by helping to promote a convenient and active lifestyle.
Learn more                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 AI Powered Robot Homes Would Reduce Covid Deaths in Nursing Homes.
Learn more                                                                                                                            Senior Applications.
Availability of features vary across units and property.
These features are indicative only.
Use of features is subject to Terms and Conditions.
Work with us!.
Your Information                                                             Choose Features                                                                              Core                                           Premium                                           Accessories                                                               Please input your name.
State:                                                                    Alabama - AL                                Alaska - AK                                Arizona - AZ                                Arkansas - AR                                California - CA                                Colorado - CO                                Connecticut - CT                                Delaware - DE                                Florida - FL                                Georgia - GA                                Hawaii - HI                                Idaho - ID                                Illinois - IL                                Indiana - IN                                Iowa - IA                                Kansas - KS                                Kentucky - KY                                Louisiana - LA                                Maine - ME                                Maryland - MD                                Massachusetts - MA                                Michigan - MI                                Minnesota - MN                                Mississippi - MS                                Missouri - MO                                Montana - MT                                Nebraska - NE                                Nevada - NV                                New Hampshire - NH                                New Jersey - NJ                                New Mexico - NM                                New York - NY                                North Carolina - NC                                North Dakota - ND                                Ohio - OH                                Oklahoma - OK                                Oregon - OR                                Pennsylvania - PA                                Rhode Island - RI                                South Carolina - SC                                South Dakota - SD                                Tennessee - TN                                Texas - TX.
#Units:                                     Number of units                             50                100                500                1000                                      Please select number of units from the list.
Type:                                     Assistive                             Independent Living                Assistive Living                Memory Care                Nursing Facility                Retirement Community                Aging-in-place                                                        Please input a valid e-mail.
Go to next step         Some fields require your attention.
Please review them before proceeding.
Back                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Senior safety.
Senior Incident Awareness.
Identify inactivity, or other incidents indicating a concern and send notifications to care circle or staff.
Automated check in available.
24/7 Carecircle Notifications.
Residents’ family receive automated alerts about incidents such as inactivity, falling, and the stove being left on.
Receive updates 24/7 rather than just once a day.
Enhanced Safety.
Camera or thermal-camera based safety features.
Exhaustive safety solution throughout the home.
Social Activities and Common Areas.
Enable the use of common areas in a touch-free and remote manner – keeping staff and residents safer.
Schedules recommend to residents about availability of common areas.
Health Analytics and Engaged Living.
Resident receives insights about day-to-day activity level, sleep quality, and medicine reminders without requiring a wearable device.
Home adapts the ambiance to proactively motivate senior.
Alerts like Water Leaks.
Detect events before they spread to avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and insurance claims (stove, water leak).
Caring home.
Scenes and Engaged Living.

Caspar AI automatically adjusts the home for convenience and safe living

For example, if a senior goes to kitchen at night to get water, the lights will turn on automatically.
Intelligent Home Assistants.
Caspar AI intelligently learns seniors preferences and automatically adapts the home environment as needed.
Voice and Music.
Voice Control, queries weather, day, time, and more.
Set alarms, timers and reminders.
Play your favourite music that follows you around the house.
Visitor and Package Clips.
Automatic alerts and clips about outdoor activity (unknown vs.
known people, package delivery).
Pet Moments.
Receive interesting pet and in-house clips.
Enhanced Experience with Motorized Shades.
Motorized shades that open to let in natural sublight.
Property Management.
Energy Savings.

Caspar saves energy when vacant units or common areas are not in use

Self-Guided Tours.
Enable prospective residents to experience self-guided smart home tours remotely.
Common Area Activities Scheduling.
(Touch-free) Unified control of vacant units and common areas (lobby, gym, conference room).

Caspar sets the optimal ambiance for activities in common areas while saving energy

Pro-Active Maintainence Alerts.
Actionable insights to help streamline business – e.g., visit statistics, predictive maintenance, average unit occupancy rates, in-unit hardware issues.
Integrates with Yardi and similar software for process automation.
Access Control – Residents & Guests.
Integrations with smart access control systems.
Enforce policies about common area usage.
Residents can control temporary access to visitors (guests, maintenance, cleaning).
* For large orders, please contact us for customized product at [email protected]               Request a quote                                  Your request has been sent!.
Thank you for your interest.
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