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You can watch the full Soundworks Collection video awarded Best Audio Publication

Presentation, or Broadcast by G.

Awards  :                               Posted in

Interview by Jennifer Walden, published on the  – WITH ANNE-SOPHIE MONGEAU, JEFF SHIFFMAN, KATE FINAN, & PETER D.

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On November 13th 2018 I was giving a presentation at  (Montreal  International  Game Summit) on the sound design in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
My  presentation  is now available to  thanks to !.
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This scene is from the documentary Encounters at the end of the world

and is said to be ‘’’’     Similarly to my entry about , I will expose some underlying ideas and concepts behind all three topics of Sound Design, Process Art, and Romanticism, and point out some of the connections that exist between them and how I believe they can be combined in order to offer a meaningful experience.

Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog – Caspar David Friedrich


Autumn Rhythm – Jackson Pollock

are a good example of this thought.
Some parallels are definitely to be made between Process Art and Environmental Art, .

While                                               Posted in

Our first nomination for best audio is already here.
Time to vote on the  ????     just released a video featuring the sound and music of Shadow of the  Tomb Raider  – check it out for some behind the scenes developers insights.
And finally a short documentary was put together to show off all the hard work from  and Brian D’Oliveira on the Shadow of the  Tomb Raider  Soundtrack and all its many cool instruments.
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Here is a little capsule video I participated in, .

Thanks to Eidos Montreal (video all made by                 Posted in

In order to reveal the hidden, some thinking  outside the box  may be required.
If you wish to use conventional air microphones, you might want to consider unconventional techniques, which will thems elves  highly depend on your subject.
For instance, mics such as the small  are so tiny that they can fit in many places and offer a very different  perspective  on sounding objects than what we are used to.
What if you hung a pair of  these  down a sewer pipe.
What if you stuck them in a car engine.
What if you squeezed them in some tiny crack of a wall in your house when it is raining.
What if you hid them inside a sculpture and captured how the air moves th rough  it.
What if you used them as contact mics so that you capture both the vibrations in the air as well as the ones that resonate through the surfaces.
And finally more from geophone and ultrasonics examples from Jez Riley French can be found.
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Just posted on the : an interview with recordist Watson Wu and sound designer Nick Dixon

taking a closer look at how and why they made their newly released.
You can buy the library.
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Just released this , co-founder of  on how to create high quality audio for cinematics and trailers.
Have a read.
Posted on the.
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Find the sound effects you need – hand-picked from the best indie sound creators in the world.
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