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Download QR-Code Digital Dreidel

Digital Dreidel.
Posted on November 6, .

2015 by   • 0 Comments User Interface -  9/10

Functionality -  8/10.
Inexhaustibility -  9/10.
8.7/10                                                  ( votes)  Sending                                                                               Review.
Designed by the graphic artist behind the the 2014 Ahhhhhhhh-pp Apes Halloween Contest User Choice winning app, Halloween Campfire Stories.

This app features the newly introduced character Gilli Fishel

a swamp creature with a floaty,  as he explains the rules of the classic Jewish pass time of dreidel spinning.
Players spin and stop a digital dreidel and follow the directions provided in a sort of simple  betting  game for kids and adults alike.
Suggested rewards are chocolate gelt (chocolate coins), raisins, and pennies.

The graphics are on par with all of the ZebraFox Games professional user interfaces

and the new Gilli Fishel is an interesting take on the classic movie monster, The Creature from the Black Lagoon.
Overall, the  user interface  is simple, but easy to read and the game is responsive.
The  replay value  is boosted with the fact that there will likely always be a demand for dreidel games during the Hanukkah holiday, and it can be played again and again, anywhere you have a phone or Android Mobile device.
The quick spin and stop feature is also great for keeping the game face paced the the excitement high.
Overall, Digital Driedel is an engaging, worthy substitute to the classic wooden dreidel, with  professional  artwork and user interface.
The app is certainly worth a download for those who forgot to buy a dreidel, don’t want to pay for one, or for those on the go as  traditional  driedels do spin well in moving vehicles.
The app is also safer than the small choke hazrds that are  traditional  tops, and that is worth noting.
Responsive Mechanics.

Professional Graphics / User Interface (UI)
Original, Interesting Character (Gilli FIshel)

Free / Ad free.
Somewhat Limited  Features .

Digital Dreidel is perfect in a pinch

Say you forgot your real wooden dreidel at home–not a problem.
Just pull out your phone or other mobile device and you’re ready to go with this electronic substitute.
This 3D dreidel is also great for places where real spinning tops don’t fare well, such as in a car while driving, on a plane, or anywhere that’s without a stable, hard surface needed for  traditional  top spinning.

Digital Dreidel can be played silently or with fun music and sound effects

Includes a beautifully rendered 3D dreidel with motion-blur and sound effects that capture the feel of the real thing. Spin the dreidel over and over, learn the rules, enjoy the classic holiday game, .

And meet your new friend Gilli Fishel

Spin and stop at a fast pace or keep the dreidel spinning forever and pretend it’s your totem.
It’s up to you.

Play this fun Jewish game of chance this Chanukah or any time you’d like

• Ability to spin and stop at a fast pace • Easy to read 3D dreidel • Set of rules • Safe – no small pieces to choke on • Expressive Gilli Fishel (Felipe Femur’s friend) • Fun Music • Immersive  sound effect s • Voices coming soon Demo Video.
Download Digital Dreidel.
Download   QR-Code           Digital Dreidel.
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