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Business News During the first half of 2020

Intralot sees 55% revenue drop.
Business News During the first half of 2020, .

The revenues of the Intralot Group amounted to € 168.2 million

During the same period.

EBITDA profits amounted to € 26.7 million

while the adjusted EBITDA amounted to € 24.0 million.
The loss after taxes from continuing operations amounted to € -42.9 million.
Activities in  North America , under Intralot Inc., grew significantly on an annual basis (Turnover + 15.2%, EBITDA + 35.8%).
The operating expenses of the  Group  during the first half of 2020 are presented improved by 26.5% compared to the corresponding period last year, while the operating expenses of the Group companies in Greece are reduced by 14.2% on an annual basis.

Net Investments in the first half of 2020 amounted to € 15.2 million

reduced by 52.1% compared to the first half of 2019.
Evaluating the latest available data and the prevailing conditions regarding the lockdown measures per market, combined with the gradual resumption of sporting events, the company’s best estimate for 2020 regarding the impact of the  COVID-19 pandemic  remains in the area of ​​€ 25 million at the EBITDA level of the Group.
The CEO of the Intralot  Group , Mr.
Christos Dimitriadis.

Stated: “In the first half of 2020 we faced the COVID-19 pandemic

as well as the impact of discontinued operations in Bulgaria and Turkey.
We reviewed our strategy, accelerated its implementation, we reorganized the Group, prioritized  our customers  and staff, managed our finances wisely, further diversified our portfolio, ensured continuity in service and identified ways to unleash the hidden value of our digital technology.
As a result.

We have achieved significant growth in the US

substantially reducing the group’s OPEX and CAPEX and maintaining strong liquidity levels.
We are constantly preparing for the future and the new realities that are being established worldwide”.1       Betgenius and Gaming Innovation Group roll out  sports book.

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