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Alessio joined the program at the end of March 2017, playing in the beginning at NL10 to adjust to all the new material he was getting as a new NL 6-max Crusher Coaching for Profits student. And the new strategy was working out fine for him, in the first two months in the program he…

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Every hand starts preflop. If you enter the action with the wrong hand, you will find yourself in impossible situations postflop, where every move you have available is bad. Preflop mistakes lead to postflop disasters. That means having a solid preflop strategy is very important in 6-max games. The good news is, it’s easy to get good…

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Pretty much all of the times you see case studies being published in our blog the stories being told are about players finishing higher contracts (€30.000 or €60.000). That doesn’t mean that people’s accomplishments finishing smaller contracts (€5.000 or €10.000) are any less remarkable. Today I’ll tell the story of Tadej “s3cr3t” he was the…

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