There are multiple employee touchpoints within HR processes

Employee Workflows.
HR Service Management .
Give employees the service experience they deserve by eliminating frustration and improving employee satisfaction with a single access point for efficient, personalized HR services.
Increase productivity and visibility to help achieve business goals.

Improve your Employee Experience with ServiceNow HR Services

Your organization is only as good as it’s people.
It can be easy to lose focus on your employees when demands such as technology, processes, finances, etc.
consume your focus. The expectation of employees today is a ” self-service ” experience where they can seek answers to their questions and receive an immediate response.
A lack of automation and the availability of information can create friction.

Friction in any process or system results in the resistance of positive movement

So, what does “reduce friction” actually mean?.
There are multiple employee touchpoints within HR processes, such as Pre-hire, Onboarding, Employee day-to-day inquiries, Payroll, Benefits, PTO requests, etc.
Complicated and manual processes within these processes can lead to reduced access to services and slow delivery – Friction.
The elimination of manual processes and silos in your organization through automation and digital transformation reduces friction and creates new opportunities for positive employee experiences.
Make your employee experience the center of your enterprise.
HR and IT can partner closely to deliver experiences that improve and streamline your employee operations.
The team at Contender will work with your decision-makers throughout the company to determine exactly how select technology solutions will fit into your current HR processes.
By completing this early in the optimization process, we save you time and money, and most importantly, keep you lean and agile to maintain efficiencies.
Available HR Services:.
Case and Knowledge Management.
Employee Service Center.

Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

Employee Document Management.
How can your organization benefit?.
Simplify access to services.
Improve HR productivity.
Streamline employee transitions.
Optimize service delivery.
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