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I’m working with  on a new academic journal.
It’s called the International Journal on Innovations in Online Education (IJIOE) and will be published by.
The Aim and Scope of the Journal is provided below.
Take care,.
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is an alliance of scientists, educators and entrepreneurs from various fields who gather twice a month in for.
They’re a very creative and engaging group, and I was honored to be recently invited to  Here’s a summary of my topic: Below is a full video of my presentation, and you can find Take care,.
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The  is being held September 18-20 in Bethesda, Maryland.
This conference will assess a wide range of progressive ideas for the future of e-Learning, focusing on the idea of technology as a means to education rather than an end in itself.
The conference organizers have lined up a wonderful range of interdisciplinary speakers and are planning to attract a wide group of heterogeneous scholars and practitioners.
I’ll be attending the entire conference, and I’m honored to be giving the    Here’s what I’ll be talking about: My goal will be to tell an interesting story with examples and demos of technologies that I think really leverage how our minds naturally embrace the world around us.
One such technology that I’m currently exploring and that you’ve probably never heard of are  Visit to learn a lot more about Wiglets.
are autonomous, evolving, self-animated and self-motivated agents that can exist in both completely virtual and augmented reality environments.
They exist at a wildly creative intersection of artificial life, art and gaming.
And perhaps best of all, you can interact with them directly through touch and gestures.
Another topic of discussion will be the affordances of multiuser 3d virtual worlds, especially how one can reduce the barrier to entry for people interested in leveraging them for educational purposes.
has recently developed some new tools that integrate with the Unity3d-based  to provide on-the-fly content editing in a simple yet powerful way.  I’ll be giving a sneak preview during my presentation.
I’ll also be discussing and giving examples of innovative uses of commonly used virtual world technologies such as ,  and the.
If you plan on attending and would like to connect with me at the conference, please drop me a line on or .  And if you’re looking to interact with the organizers and other attendees and speakers, be sure to  Take care,.
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Yesterday, .

The  (HGAC) visited the Center for Global Health’s

About 20 of us made the voyage, initially gathering at and then travelling together as a group.

This was the first HGAC trip in a long time

and it was wonderful to see so many familiar friends as well as some brand new faces.
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If you’re a fan of the , you should definitely check out the new  for and.
Fixed a problem with long teleports in OpenSim (“4096 bug” ) (Latif).
Latif Khalifa has fixed the bug that, , .

Prevented Hypergrid explorers from jumping to places more than 4096 regions away

No more mandatory intermediate hops.
No more “cannot reach destination – too far away” messages.

I encourage all explorers of the Hypergrid to please take a moment and

His hard work has resulted in a major improvement to the use of the Hypergrid and the evolution of OpenSim as a constellation of easily accessible interconnected grids.
Which brings me to the topic of the.
Since my , .

I’ve received a great deal of interest in possibly restarting our tours of the Hypergrid

Many people reached out to me, and the outpouring of interest was very inspiring.
So I’m rebooting the tours.
Our next tour will be Saturday Sept 28 at 10pm EDT.
For all the details, please.
Take care,.
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This past weekend I attended and spoke at the very first (OSCC13).
It was an amazing event full of outstanding presentations, great networking opportunities, and spectacular venues with tons of attendees.
It was also truly remarkable to see how far has evolved and matured as a virtual world platform.
Lastly, for those of you interested in me possibly restarting the tours (I got a lot of positive feedback at the conference), be sure to  If I see enough interest, I’ll definitely start them up again.
Please read on for my own presentation summary, video and downloadable slides.
You can also watch recordings of all the other presentations in the ADDENDUM 9/10/2013: Be sure to read this blog post: “.” It’s an outstanding summary of the conference by Crista Lopes, the inventor of the and one of the conference’s main organizers.
Take care,.
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[Update: You also do this with the.
Just Export your prim object using the Collada format.
The most recent version of the (version 1.8.1) adds a particularly interesting feature: This means you can now take a prim-based object from within or and export it to your hard drive as a mesh object (either .obj or .dae file format).
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Note: You’ll need the  editor if you want to work with Movie Textures in Unity3d

allows you to embed and play videos on any surface in a 3d environment.
This means you can easily create a web-based  where avatars explore a multiuser 3d virtual space while watching videos or movies playing on screens/signs/any surface you wish.
The most common way to add video to a Unity3d project is by adding a video file to your project’s Asset Folder, which automatically creates a Movie Texture ().
For folks  (or anyone creating Unity webplayer files for streaming on the Web) this is not good.
You always want your webplayer file to be as small as possible so your webplayer file will finish downloading and start running as quickly as possible.
If you have a video on YouTube that you want to use, you’ll have to download it.

I suggest using  Unity needs videos to be in  (file extension .ogg)

If you need to convert an existing video file into OGG format

I suggest using (it’s free and cross platform).
Take your OGG video, put it on a webserver somewhere and remember the URL.
Important Note: If you’re managing your own webserver, be sure it has the.
For Extension use .ogg, and for MIME type use application/ogg.

Here’s a sample 60 Megabyte OGG video I made and uploaded to WordPress

Feel free to use this URL in your own tests.
You can also click on it to see how it plays in your browser.
var url = “”; function OnMouseDown () { // Start download var www = new WWW(url); // Make sure the movie is ready to start before we start playing var movieTexture =; while (!movieTexture.isReadyToPlay) yield; // Initialize texture to be 1:1 resolution renderer.material.mainTexture = movieTexture; // Assign clip to audio source // Sync playback with audio audio.clip = movieTexture.audioClip; // Play both movie & sound movieTexture.
Play(); audio.
Play(); } // Make sure we have audio source @script RequireComponent (AudioSource) function Update () { } You can also.
Chief Learning Officer, ReactionGrid Inc.
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Speaking at “Train for Success” Panel on the Future of Virtual Worlds – Nov 8 @ noon Eastern.
November 6, 2012 3.
The Gronstedt Group hosts a weekly “Train for Success” speaking series, and this week I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on the State and Future of Virtual Worlds.

The panel will be held in Second Life and starts on Thursday November 8 at noon Eastern

You can also watch and ask questions via the live stream on the web.
For more details, please see Facebook.
Here’s a summary: “The landscape of virtual worlds is changing.
Social and game mechanics make virtual worlds more engaging.
Browser-based virtual worlds make them more accessible to a wider audience.
The panel will discuss the state and future of virtual worlds.
Join this conversation about the emerging platforms and applications of virtual worlds in learning and business.” Hope to see you there, and special thanks to Anders Gronstedt for inviting me to participate.
, , , , , , internet, , , , science, , technology, , , videogames, Replies Video of panel on “Virtual Worlds Revisited” at the 2012 Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase.
August 16, 2012 1 I  just participated in a wonderful “Virtual Worlds Revisited” panel discussion as part of the Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase.  The panel was organized and moderated by Mike Kemmler, and participants included virtual world innovators Anders Gronstedt , Mark Jankowski and Karl Kapp.
The panel was held in Second Life, but the focus of our discussion was firmly on the future of new virtual world platforms and new modalities for immersive learning.  We were projected into the physical world meeting room in Chicago where about 30 people attended in person.  Here’s a summary: Still deeply entrenched in Gartner’s Trough of Disillusionment, is it time to revisit virtual worlds?  Mike Kemmler hosts a virtual panel discussion via Second Life with a distinguished group of virtual world innovators, presenters, consultants, and authors, including Anders Gronstedt, Mark Jankowski, Karl Kapp, and John “Pathfinder” Lester.
Panelists address the current state of learning in virtual worlds, explain platforms they see organizations using for immersive learning, and discuss current challenges and future possibilities of using virtual worlds for learning.
Thanks again, Mike, for this great opportunity.  It was an honor to be on a panel with such a stellar group of pioneers in virtual worlds and immersive learning.

NOTE: The audio from Second Life is bit choppy for the first 30 seconds

but then clears up perfectly for the rest of the video.
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