The “Not E3” 2020 Kongversations

DK Vine • News The Best Wild, Ever, Ever, Ever, on Any Platform July 23rd 202014:00     Rare shows off a new Everwild trailer and logo at the “Not E3” Xbox Games Showcase .
Full Article → The Kongversation: Why Donkey Kong Land Still Matters July 17th 202019:51       DKL For Donkey Kong Land’s 25th anniversary , Jeff and I discuss its enduring legacy and why it’s more relevant than ever.
Except for the fact that it’s a monochromatic handheld game that’s not readily available to purchase in 2020.
The Kongversation: Another Sea of Thieves Catch-Up July 10th 202011:00       SoT What’s one to do when a game you cover has monthly updates and you don’t do an episode about it every single month.
You have to record a super-long episode that catches everyone up, that’s what.

Donkey Kong Country Finally Comes to Nintendo Switch Online

July 7th 202022:28       Switch On July 15th

you’ll be able to pay for Donkey Kong Country for the eighth time in your life!Full Article → The Kongversation Mini: Diddy Kong in Mario Kart 64.

June 21st 202019:47       MK64 To discuss the bizarre

too-ridiculous-to-be-true-but-maybe-it-is revelation that Diddy Kong has been hiding in plain sight in Mario Kart 64 all these years, I’ve enlisted the help of Malik “The Cartoon Gamer” McLeod for a new Kongversation Mini.
The “Not E3” 2020 Kongversations.
June 14th 202021:00           E3 2020 Streamed live during each day of last week’s “Not E3” Stream-A-Ganza.

It’s three episodes of the Kongversation: The State of Nintendo

The State of Xbox, and The State of E3.

DK Vine’s “Not E3” Stream-A-Ganza: Starting Tuesday at 12 PM EDT/9 AM PDT

June 8th 202014:30     E3 2020  Site News We’ll have our own E3

With Mad Jack.
And Hoofer.

Note: Mad Jack and Hoofer will not be appearing

Full Article → The Kongversation – : A Literary Analysis June 7th 202023:18       SoT Cameron and I have a lengthy discussion about the first-ever canon DKU novel, .

Sea of Thieves: Athena’s Fortune

Diddy Kong Is in Mario Kart 64.
This Is Not a Joke.

June 6th 202020:00     MK64 Your world

my world, and everyone’s world is turned upside down as a 23-year old cameo is suddenly discovered.
Full Article → The Kongversation: Funky Dixie Land May 29th 202022:30       MK Tour Battling pandemic depression and discussing Dixie and Funky Kong in Mario Kart Tour .
It’s how we cope at DK Vine.
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