The Cult of Zero is a combination of all these things

The Cult of Zero.
What is the Cult of Zero.
A Newsletter .
Mailing List.
Fan Club.
Secret Society?.
The Cult of Zero is a combination of all these things, but mostly it’s for people with a passion for dark fiction, urban fantasy , and the occasional shot of undiluted, blood-red horror.
Signing up is easy.
Simply fill in your name and e-mail address here:   What do I get for joining the Cult of Zero?.
E-BOOKS –  You’ll receive e-book short stories of dark fiction, comedy, horror and even combinations thereof.
No poetry, I promise!.
CONTESTS – Members of the Cult of Zero will have opportunities to suggest ideas for story titles, character names, and particularly graphic ways to die.

Prizes will range from cash (via PayPal) to books

to a cameo appearance in a story!.

GIVEAWAYS – Winners will be chosen at random from the mailing list

Restrictions may apply.
(Ex: Delivery area, method and the prize itself may present restrictions .
If you live in China, I’m probably not going to give you a “Region 1” DVD, or tickets to a local event in the Minneapolis are a.).
NEWSLETTERS – Members will receive the occasional newsletter containing event info and detailed instructions on how to take over the world.

COOLNESS – Were you one of the ‘cool kids’ who sat at the back of the school bus

Me neither.

But when you join the Cult of Zero

you’ll get preferential treatment.
You’ll get first shot at all the contests and free stuff.

PSYCHIC ABILITIES – Cultists will know about events (book releases

readings, etc.) BEFORE THEY HAPPEN.
How awe some is that?.
What about privacy.
Are you going to sell me out?.
I t ak e privacy very seriously, and I hate SPAM.
Your name and e-mail are used so I can send you e-books, newsletter s and updates.
I don’t share or sell your information .
Why am I still reading?.
Sign up now so you can be cooler than everyone else and get awe some free stuff.

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