Bodega Royale KOFXIV Online Tournament Results

Bodega Royale KOFXIV Online Tournament Results .
August 19, 2020 Leave a comment The recent King of Fighters XIV (PS4) online tournament , Bodega Royale was a collaborative event combining the efforts of MarcoPolo (Bodega Classic) and Rome_Himself (Regime Royale).

The event was created & inspired to help support SNK community memeber

JDash whose father has recently passed away.
More information can be found here: The tournament was a 16 player invitation.

Full of extremely talented King of Fighters XIV players from USA

Canada and Mexico.
Below are the bracket results: Bodega Royale KOFXIV 1) @elrosa_ ???? 2) @DECHlMO ???? 3) @ViolentKain ???? 4) @tony199370 5) @Arrobert4 5) @TN_Angeal 7) Soujiro ???????? 7) @PurestKOF ???????? 9) @weroasamiya 9) @Cd_Jko ???????? 9) @HBHollaback 9) @KillianCch 13) @AN1M0NK 13) @ Hawaiimonkey 89 13) @jchewy95 13) @ar_markyo — Marco Polo (@ECMarcoPolo) August 16, 2020 Be sure to check out the twitch archive to see all the action that was streamed: Youtube Archive:
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