and the Beastclaw Raiders box is just 5 big things

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It’s as much a surprise to me as anyone else that I’m getting into Warhammer Fantasy (now called Age of Sigmar).
It’s also a surprise that the first faction I took an interest in wasn’t Lizardmen (now called Seraphon); this one actually caused someone else to lose a bet.
Instead I decided to jump in with the start Collecting box that looked most interesting to me.
I tend to favor large things, and the Beastclaw Raiders box is just 5 big things, so that’s what I ended up with.
The majority of the units in this faction are mounted ogres (now called Ogors) and they’re large and hard to kill and it’s a faction definitely suited to my playstyle.
Branching out into other things in this faction, one of the options to field is a hunter and some frost sabres.
This would add a few more bodies on the table for me and enable the faction to attempt some strategies that aren’t “rush forward as fast as possible”, so I ordered some.
These come in the form of what Games workshop calls “Finely Cast Resin Miniatures” and everyone else calls Finecast if they’re being polite.
To date, .

I have never heard anyone say anything good about Finecast

I’ve assembled lots of plastic in the past, and I’ve had metal minis too, but this was a first for me.
Getting these to a reasonable state involved a lot of cleaning, other work I’m not completely used to.
In the process, I learned a few things.
I’ve now filed this material away as “something to be avoided” and am factoring that into list construction.
At least it’s good to be informed.

On Blaugust RebornOn EDH One thought on “On Finely Cast Resin Miniatures”

August 5, 2018 at 12:44 They look really nice, but yikes, the price shocked me a bit.

I’ve only ever played BattleTech – sure those also weren’t so cheap

but at least you only needed a handful and they were made of metal.

I also have a few Eldar and Space Marines

but I only bought a small pack to paint them, many years ago.
Age of Sigmar sounded really awesome (from what I heard on AggroChat) but I guess I wouldn’t be able to persuade friends to play anyway.

But a match of BattleTech after all these years sound really good… ???? Reply

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