And that’s exactly what Ahlers does for our clients

Software 2018-09-17T19:20:35+00:00 Better than what you could have hoped for Our software solutions don’t just meet your expectations, but exceed them.
With us you can implement systems that will make clinic operations measurably easier and better.
When Is Good Software Great?.
Your RFP is as thick as a book.
Every “T” crossed, every “I” dotted.
All stakeholders, from IT specialist to patient services and clinic directors have had input.
Perhaps now you’ll find a clinic management system that meets staff approval and doesn’t require six weeks of arduous training.
So why are you still nervous that you may make the wrong choice.
We think it’s because you trust your intuition, and your intuition says that really good clinic management software decision depends on more than choosing a proposal that’s a good match for the requirements in your RFP.

The Ahlers Integrated Solutions is probably a good match for the requirements of your RFP

It meets your expectationsto be Windows based

to be scalable.
to be affordable.
to handle all standard clinic functions from scheduling to client and insurance billing.
to track lab results.
to make inventory and dispensing activities easy.
to generate the reports your programs require plus the ones you want.
to share the same database as other programs without compromising data, billing, and reporting capabilities crucial to your funding and operation.
From Good to Great.
So what more do you want.
You want more than software that has the potential of making clinic operations measurably easier and better.
In combination with solid software you want a process whose result, plain and simple, .

Is this: Clinic operations are measurably easier and better

Ahlers software has exceeded our clients’ expectations for over 30 years

Prior Preparation Prevents P______ Poor Performance

Ahlers understands that our clients’ primary expertise is in areas other than training

It’s like our relationship to cars.
Most of us don’t want to understand everything that’s under the hood.
We just want to drive.
Similarly, in training you expect to be guided by training experts according to success principles that health care experts shouldn’t have to know, much less master.
“Just make us successful” is the mandate.
And that’s exactly what Ahlers does for our clients.
Time and time again.
Cloud Solutions.

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