PLO 6-max – PLO10 coaching session with coach Kyyberi

Notable points in this video:
1:22 Flop plan in a squeezed pot with TP and OESD
6:51 3bet or not with 4 broadway cards
13:27 Flop decision with the nuts
24:07 Multiway play with overpair on the flop
27:37 Turn play in a multiway pot with overpair and nut flush draw
35:05 Flop play with top pair flush draw and OESD
39:06 River decision with top pair
44:35 What to do on the turn with a set when a draw completes
47:32 River decision with a straight when the flush completes
49:43 Lead the turn or not in multiway pots with bottom 2 pairs and nut flush draw
51:13 Bet or check with flush draw when you have 3 cards of the same suit
55:56 What to do with a set in wet board in a 3bet pot
60:11 Which cbet sizes to use on different board textures

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