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Who wouldn’t want to earn €60,000 in profits? BPC student Tomas “Maestro” did just that. He completed the NLHU Soldier Coaching program and earned €60,000 in one year, six months and 16 days. Maestro is a great example of how a player can grow in both skill and in the drive to succeed.   LIFE…

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   Reece “L1fe” is a student in our NLHU Soldier Coaching for Profits program on his way to his 60k euro goal.   You can read his story on his blog here. The post Reece – Coaching for Profits Heads Up Soldier Student Interview appeared first on Best Poker Coaching.

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There is a lot of money to be made playing poker. Many of the game’s best players have climbed the ladder and made millions on the live and virtual felt. Let’s take a look at the top ten best poker players of all time, based on tournament earnings. Honorable mentions First, a shout-out to numbers…

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You call a big re-raise with pocket sevens and stare anxiously as the dealer reveals the flop… Queen… Jack… SEVEN! As soon as you see that seven, your anxiety fades and your eyes dart to count your opponent’s stack. You’re going to try to get it all. There is nothing in poker like this —…

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It wasn’t easy, but he got there. Alex “Lateralus” began his NL 6-max Crusher Coaching program in October of 2015 and one year, three months and 10 days later he completed the program with €30,000 in profits. The finish line came with some struggles: getting off track, disregarding some of his training, and learning to…

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To many people, winning a million dollars playing poker is merely a dream; however, there have been some sick poker tournaments over the years with top prizes that were much, much bigger. Imagine winning $5 million or $10 million—or even $18 million in a single poker tournament win. In the poker world, these huge poker wins…

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   Janez completed our NLHU Soldier Coaching program and earned €60,000 in profits in 10 months and 18 days as our student. You can read his story on his blog here.   “The coaches at BPC really have the incentive to make you win, since they don’t get paid if you don’t make profit” His graph:…

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When Phil Hellmuth sees a poker player, he sees an animal (according to his book Play Poker Like the Pros). The specific animal he sees — whether it be a mouse, an eagle, or something else — is based on that player’s style. Ready to find out which animal Phil thinks you are? Take this…

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Omaha poker was derived from Texas Hold’Em with the main difference being each player getting four cards instead of two. Additionally, in Omaha you must use two cards from your hand regardless of the board.   Omaha poker isn’t difficult to understand, but as with everything, it takes practice and study to become elite. In this…

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The dream is to have a simple system of lines to follow. Powerful lines that are guaranteed to generate profit in the vast majority of scenarios. And that’s exactly what is taught at . A strong system of default lines designed to routinely collect profits from the tables. We wouldn’t want it any other…

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