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Some things don’t come easy. Good things come in time. But with enough perseverance, persistence, and hard work major achievements can happen. That’s the case with 36-year-old “Jernej,” who recently finished the NL Heads-Up Soldier program with a target of €60,000. It was much-deserved after so much effort. “It took me quite a long time,…

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Here’s a situation you’ve probably faced many times. You are playing a $0.50/$1.00 cash game. The action folds to you on the button, and after raising to $2.50, the big blind calls and you see a flop that looks like this: Q♠ T♦ 5♥ The big blind checks. You have a hand to continuation bet…

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Found in Translation Janez joined the Best Poker Coaching heads up program back when it was still just called Coaching For Profits and you could pick any colour so long as it was heads up or 6-max. He applied, got picked up and stuck in, crushed his way to the end of his contracted €60,000…

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Poker pro Justin Bonomo, known as ZeeJustin online, is probably best known (at the moment) for winning the 2018 World Series of Poker’s (WSOP) Big One for One Drop and a handsome $10 million. With this win, Bonomo surpassed former top earner Daniel Negreanu and now sits atop poker’s All Time Money List with total…

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Meet your new tournament coach in the Upswing Lab: Moritz “Mo” Dietrich. Mo is a German-born poker pro currently living in Vienna, Austria. He’s been playing professionally for about 5 years and he’s cashed for over $1.5 million in his online career. He mainly plays on PokerStars (muckcallok), PartyPoker (chenlingseng), and Winamax (XiaoNiAhn). He’s also…

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A game with a lot limped pots is a game you want to be playing. These games are often full of weak players because strong players rarely limp. (You may remember this from our How to Destroy Limpers article.)  These small pots will have a big impact on your bottom line. If you want that impact…

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   Marcus is a student in our NLHU Soldier coaching program. He is almost halfway through to the 60k euro profit target. His graph below: You can read a written interview with him by clicking here. The post Marcus – Coaching for Profits HU Soldier Student Interview appeared first on Best Poker Coaching.

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Shannon Elizabeth is a multi-talented model, actor, and poker player. Let’s take a look at her eventful life and poker career. Early life and acting career Raised in Waco, Texas, Shannon Elizabeth was a cheerleader and played tennis in high school. During this time, she aspired to be a professional tennis player. Upon growing up,…

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Anyone familiar with professional poker players should know about Antonio Esfandiari. The man known as “The Magician” does some awesome and elaborate chip tricks, and above all, he is a world-class poker player too! In this article, we’ll take a look at: Antonio Esfandiari’s life before poker The Magician’s professional success Antonio Esfandiari’s top 9…

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It can be tough to know when (and how) to play a suited connector in Texas Hold’em. If you neglect to consider important factors — such as stack sizes and your opponent’s tendencies — you will likely make a costly mistake with these hands. You’re about to read 5 tips that will help you understand…

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